Professional Experience

Key Considerations

  1. Strategic Growth Capabilities: Given that the AirOps Growth Lead role requires developing and executing growth strategies, prioritize understanding how Vensy Krishna has approached this in the past. Discuss their strategic initiatives at Build Academy and Notion, focusing on what growth models they've used, how they've scaled new channels, and their systematic approach to testing and measurement.
  2. Product-Led Growth (PLG) Experience: Since you're interested in a candidate who can autonomously grow a product from 0 to 1, it's critical to delve into Vensy's GTM experience with PLG at Notion and any other relevant projects. Explore how they leveraged product features to drive user acquisition, conversion, and expansion.
  3. Startup Environment Adaptability: The dynamic nature of startups requires a flexible and robust approach to role responsibilities. Probe into Vensy's experiences in fluid startup environments, particularly their ability to pivot and take on non-core tasks, a quality you're keen on for the AirOps role.
  4. Leadership and Team Building: As the position involves hiring and managing a high-performing team, assess Vensy's leadership style and their track record in people management. Explore their experiences at On Deck and Law School 101 to get a sense of how they build and motivate teams.
  5. No-Code Domain Expertise: AirOps Studio is a low-code platform, and Vensy's background as a no-code educator and entrepreneur is highly relevant. Evaluate their understanding of the no-code space and how they've enabled others to build solutions, which could translate into empowering customers at AirOps.
  6. Marketing Funnel Management: Discuss Vensy's experience with marketing funnels, including nurturing, automation, sales qualification, and personalized outreach. Since owning the marketing funnel is a part of the job, gauge their proficiency and creative strategies in this domain.
  7. Quantitative Growth Modeling: The role requires evolving growth strategies into robust quantitative models. Explore how Vensy has developed and used growth models in their past roles to drive decision-making and understand the levers of growth.
  8. Cultural Fit and Communication Skills: Lastly, since a fun-loving and a bit nerdy team dynamic is part of AirOps's culture, assess Vensy's personality and communication skills to ensure they'll mesh well with the team. Their experience as an educator and public speaker could be indicative of their fit within a collaborative and fast-paced environment.

Remember to use behavioral and situational questions to get specific examples from their past experience and to ask for detailed explanations of their thought processes and decision-making. This will help you evaluate not just what they have done, but how they think and operate, which is crucial for determining fit for the AirOps Growth Lead role.

Interview Questions

  1. Notion Ambassador at Notion